Online Expectations and Permissions Form

This form is for any online class, camp, workshop, or other IYC event that is held online. It includes expectations for readiness at the beginning of the session, student behavior during the session, and photography of students or their work. No IYC online sessions are video recorded. This form should be read, signed, and returned to before the beginning of the online session to assure that students have the best experience. Thank You.


This form will be up soon, please check back for it soon.

Waivers for Yoga on the Farm

Information for yoga on the farm.  Please download and fill out 2 waivers to practice yoga on the farm. The Sullivan family is kind enough to allow us to use their beautiful facility. Prior to the first class, please fill out one release form for Luina Greine and one release form for Inspiring the child.  You may download and bring with you to the first class.

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