FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Inspiring the Child courses offered?

There is no predetermined location for Inspiring Your Child programs. Currently most of our classes are offered at the Groton Grange in Groton MA. At times we offer other classes at various locations in Groton or in the towns near by.

***UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - All IYC programming will be online due to Covid-19. We will be keeping an eye on developments as we begin planning for our Winter and Spring programs.

Are Classes appropriate for Children with Special Needs?

Classes are meant to inspire children to learn and create. If students are able to independently attend small group classes with minimum support they should be able to attend the classes. Questions and concerns should be brought to our attention via email or phone.

Are there drop in options available?

If it is listed as a one-day workshop or event then students are more than welcome to do a drop in if space is available that day. Courses that are offered as multiple classes are developed as a sequential process and do not always lend themselves to a drop in format. In either case please contact us as soon as you know that you would like to attend and we can hopefully work out a solution. (Day Of - Please Call Ahead.) Thank You!

Am I expected to participate in class or stay with my child?

If children are under 5 years of age a parent can stay for their child’s comfort. At times there might be opportunities for children and parents to work together to create. We know that some friends need a few minutes to feel comfortable at the beggining of class, please feel free to stay a few mintues to help them settle.

Are there Adult Classes?

Classes offered through Inspiring Your Child are primarily geared towards children. With that being said if there is a class or idea that you are interested in pursuing please contact us and we can see if it is something we can offer as a one-on-one or group adult activity.

Where Do I find Out About other Courses Offered by Inspiring Your Child?

The classes tab lists our current courses or workshops. You can also see what we have up and coming on our Facebook page. We occasionally branch out through some of the community education programs, but we should be posting about them on this website or on Facebook. If there is something that you don not see that you would love to see in the future please use the Contact Us section to let us know :)

What ages are the classes and workshops for?

At the moment many of our offerings are for children ages 6-11. Each event will have the age range in the description somewhere. We are working to expand our programming for both younger and older groups in the future.

How do I know if my child is old enough to attend? Our lessons are flexible and designed to work to meet the needs of all learners. Children are invited to join the class and see if it is the right fit for them. Please contact us if you are intested.

How is my child going to participate in remote art?

We are providing remote art oppurtunities via Zoom and will email out the links to the meeting before the class begins. Remote learning can be challenging for both the children and adults involved. Every child is different and we work with children to find what they need from an art lesson whether it is online or face to face at one of our workshops. Parents are invited to sit with their child if they are curious about what we are doing or want to check in to see if their child needs help with a tricky motor skill challenge. Inspiring Your Child programs are run by two certified educators who are prepared to walk students through sticky situations as they come up. If a student feels stuck we are okay with them asking an adult at home for help but would prefer that they ask us verbally or through the chat feature in Zoom if they are shy. As educators we look forward to working though challenges with students to help them grow as learners. This being said, our classes are low-key and we strive to find a wide variety of activities to spark each child's creative interest. Our courses are meant as a creative getaway for our young friends.

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